Up Up and Away

We are just about on our way – looking forward to a sleep!Image


Bon Voyage

We have been back in Queensland for about five weeks and our year in Tassie is definitely over.

We have had a great time catching up with family and friends.

And we have all enjoyed re-connecting with my family while we stayed with them.

We have missed our friends in Tassie and we have missed the cooler weather (it got to 43 degrees since we have been here).

The time has now come to head off on our next family adventure.

Shortly we will be heading off to the airport to catch our flight to Amsterdam where we will pick up our motorhome and spend the next year travelling throughout Europe and the UK.

We pray that this year will also be a year (like last year) for our family to grow closer to each other and also closer to God as we experience the world He has given us.

We will be writing a new blog called “Our Year in Europe”, it can be found at ouryearineurope.wordpress.com.

Our Year in Europe

Our Year in Europe

The End of an Era

Well our year in Tassie has come to an end.

On Wednesday the 18th we packed the car up again and headed off.

We have had a great time in Tassie, we have met some great people, and we have seen some great sights. We have grown as a family and enjoyed the changes we have made to our lives.



We had a couple of quick stops along the way at Holbrook and at Parkes as well as the usual pitstops.



We drove through the night which gave us a little reprieve from the 40 degree heat we experienced as we drove through Victoria. We saw emu’s, foxes, rabbits and heaps of kangaroos and wallabies. Unfortunately at about 3am just outside of Warwick we hit a roo. The photo below doesn’t show it very well but both headlights are broken, the grill is broken and the bonnet is bent. After a quick check to make sure everything still worked (radiator – headlights still worked even though they are broken) we continued on.


We arrived at my parents place about 7am.

A Sad Sight

On Saturday we saw on social media that a whale had washed up on a local beach.

After church on Sunday we decided to go and check it out.

It was a 20 minute walk down the beach to where it had washed up.

While we were there some guys from the Marine Conservation Department arrived to measure and take samples so they could work out why it had died.

It was sad to see this huge creature (it was 16.7 metres long) washed up here.



Here are some pictures of some projects that I wrote about a while ago but have never put up photos of the finished product. As you will see these are a little different from what we would normally have – just part of the adventure.



Adventures with Phil – Strahan to Strathgordon.

Tassie is a very diverse place. The photos below are some of what we saw in two days. I find Gods creation breathtaking.

Strahan Beach

Strahan Beach


Regatta Point train station – to the left of this photo is the water – we camped across the road from the station in a pub carpark.

Tas 211

Huon Pine at a gallery and sawmill. The kids picked out a slab of Huon pine here for Dad and he has turned it into a work of art.

Tas 220

$7000 Huon pine rocking horse.

Tas 229

Slabs of timber – they are sold in pairs as you can see from the end of the slab this pair is Antony and Cleopatra.

Tas 230
Tas 244

Tas 246

I am sure this road would be more fun in a Porsche than in Phil.

Tas 248

The Wall – you are not allowed to take photos in here so Google it. The skill and craftsmanship is quite amazing.

Tas 270

An overnight camp spot – Mini M&M and I got up early and took some photos of the sunrise – unfortunately it wasn’t a great day for it but we had a fun time together.

Tas 288




Just a nice view - Gods handiwork never ceases to amaze me.

Just a nice view – Gods handiwork never ceases to amaze me.


The road to Strathgordon.

Tas 306

Strathgordon – A former Hydro town – pretty much all that is left is this “resort” I think they fish for trout here.

Tas 314

Gordon Dam – Hydro dam built in the late sixties. I cannot imagine how isolated and hard it would have been to build this.

Tas 335

It is a long way down 140 metres. We had to walk down 196 steps (that for you mum) to get to the wall and then back up again of course.

Tas 344

It is an incredibly rugged landscape. This is looking downstream from the dam wall.

Tas 356

The Hydro turbines are built into a cave 180 metres below the water inlet you can see in this picture. It amazes me that this was all built here (in the middle of nowhere – look it up on a map in the sixties). This Hydro plant makes 13% of Tassies power.

Tas 366

Lake Pedder – This is a massive lake that was made to generate electricity. It is very beautiful here but obviously a lot of this area has gone under water to generate this clean power.

Lake Pedder - it is very big.

Lake Pedder – it is very big.


Another view from the dam wall – it rained a lot while we were here and we got very wet going down to the dam wall – but we figured this was our chance to check it out and considering it rains at least 260 days of the year here, rain was a strong possibility.

Tas 370

The road to Strathgordon travels through some amazing forests. The green on the side of the road here is not grass but moss – it is very wet.

Adventures with Phil – Cradle Mountain part 2

We went for a bit of a walk around Dove lake at Cradle Mountain.

The snow was a little old so was very icy which made it difficult to walk and to keep Lego Boy upright and dry.

Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain.

Cradle Mountain - we had great weather.

Cradle Mountain – we had great weather.

Cradle Mountain - we got some great shots.

Cradle Mountain – we got some great shots.

We saw some wombat poo (you can tell it is wombat poo because it is square).

We saw some wombat poo (you can tell it is wombat poo because it is square – God certainly has a good imagination).

We saw some wombats.

We saw some wombats.

We went on a couple of walks.

We went on a couple of walks.

Enchanted forest walk.

Enchanted forest walk.